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Offline Marketing Roadmap


Offline Marketing Roadmap

Offline marketing is all about selling your online skills to offline (local, brick-and-mortar) companies. You can offer SEO services, article marketing, PPC marketing, newsletter creation and opt-in form setups, website development, back linking, Google Maps, and many other services that will bring more profits and customers through your clients’ doors.

For years, businesses and organizations have spent thousands of dollars by advertising in paper phone directories, bulk coupon packs, postcard mailings, and running ads in various newspapers, magazines, and trade journals.

However, many of those advertising dollars aren’t working like they used to work. That’s why many business owners and non-profits are looking to use the Internet to leverage their profits.

Today's successful local business owner is aware that paper advertising is being replaced by social media, people shopping through their mobile phones, and even through Facebook and Twitter.

However, whether the economy is flourishing or in trouble, every business needs new customers and more sales to keep their doors open.


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