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Guess What She Did

Category: FICTION

Guess What She Did

Guess What She Did

Author Name:  Ann Rearden

She’s a rising star on Wall Street. He needs cash for his startup. She has a boyfriend problem. He’s recently divorced. They could do a deal-in more ways than one. Too bad she’s playing him.

Georgina Graham doesn’t relish lying to Dr. Nate Carmichael. But if the ruse works, she’ll make a quick score. The deception plunges Georgina deep inside the swirling vortex of a wealthy California enclave’s colorfully scheming inhabitants-Alejandro, the shady vulture capitalist-Lauren, the social-climbing diva-Jake, the wily racehorse trainer out of Kentucky-and scary smart Detective Sam Mori, a strangely beautiful woman in the grips of a bizarre obsession.


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